• Five Things You Can’t Afford To Overlook Before Signing Your Lease

    When it comes time to sign a lease on new office space, you’ve undoubtedly put considerable thought and countless hours into finding the perfect space. You have every reason to be excited about signing the lease and getting the show on the road. However, in your excitement, it’s vitally important to be certain that you really haven’t missed anything. That means you’ll need to put forth just a bit more effort in focusing on the fine print. After all, with all the time you’ve invested in your company, the last thing you need is to find some loophole that may wind up being a financial pitfall. Here’s a look at five items that warrant your attention before you sign that dotted line.

  • Tenant Representation: A Serious Hiring Decision

    Most companies and organizations undergo a thorough process for selecting an employee. Whether for the position of Chief Financial Officer or Receptionist, a carefully designed evaluation is conducted. Hire slowly and fire quickly, as the saying goes. So why should the decision to hire a tenant representative to manage a process encompassing your second largest expense be any different? As this article will demonstrate, now is not the time to hire your golfing buddy.

  • New Standards For Measuring Office Space: Who Will Really Benefit?

    Later this month the International Property Measurement Standards Coalition is scheduled to announce a single measurement system for the global office market. Theoretically, this will combat discrepancies in the ways that office space is measured, and level the playing field for landlords and tenants. Sounds great, right?