• New Standards For Measuring Office Space: Who Will Really Benefit?

    Later this month the International Property Measurement Standards Coalition is scheduled to announce a single measurement system for the global office market. Theoretically, this will combat discrepancies in the ways that office space is measured, and level the playing field for landlords and tenants. Sounds great, right?

  • Out of the Basement and Into a High Rise

    These days, countless millennials and young professionals are preferring to start a company rather than going to work for someone else’s company. Need proof? Entrepreneurial rates are soaring above those of the dot.com (boom and subsequent bust) era of the late 1990’s. However, the entrepreneurs of today aren’t willing to make the same mistakes that previous generations made. Fortunate to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors, today’s entrepreneurs are leery of spending too much, too soon, with too little assurance that their business will succeed.