• Why Landlords Do More to Get Tenants Than to Keep Them

    When you look at leasing comparables for particular building, one consistent pattern invariably exists – renewing tenants don’t achieve the same deal that new tenants receive. Tenants often believe that because they are a good, rent-paying tenant that their landlord surely wants to keep them on favorable terms. Many tenants don’t realize that landlords view renewing tenants as captive, and already have factored a high renewal probability on favorable terms for the landlord into their pro-formas. Tenants can avoid this discrepancy by taking steps to make their landlord compete to keep their tenancy.

  • Why Landlords Only Want Tenants to Focus on Lease Rate

    Rate. Landlords focus tenants on the rate, and as a result, the rate is the most common term tenants and their business advisers focus on when discussing their leases with each other. Tenants need to go beyond landlord marketing tactics to understand the other 24,999 words in a lease that can cost them money.

  • A Successful Lease Negotiation is more like Calculus than Basic Math

    Think back to high school math; it probably started with algebra and ended with calculus. Up until calculus, your math homework may have been easy; if you were so inclined, you could look up the answer in the back of the book and be done with it. This easy road came to dead end, however, when you got to calculus. In calculus, you actually have to prove the answer. In a lease negotiation, it’s not enough to tell the landlord that x=30 (dollars per square foot that is); you actually have to prove through the right process that you deserve the terms you seek and the terms that you should be seeking.