• Why Landlords Want to Pay Commissions

    Let’s just make believe for a moment that landlords don’t pay other entities (both in-house and third party) more when a tenant representative is not involved. Let’s further assume, for the sake of this analysis, that the tenant representative isn’t able to negotiate any monetary savings (let alone several multiples of the commission, as is typically the case). The single biggest driving force for any commercial real estate investor is maximizing return; therefore, consider two scenarios from the landlord’s perspective:

  • What To Do When You Get a Notice From Your Landlord

    During the lease term, landlords will send seemingly benign notices to tenants, often through their property managers. Much like with the operating expense and tax reconciliation statements that we discussed previously, these notices require professional scrutiny.

  • The True Cost of Free

    Something happens to us when we are offered something for free: our brains shut down. Free is irresistibly seductive. It is a source of irrational excitement. Witness people who grab coupons offering a free trinket that they have no need for. And people who return to the buffet line for more “free” food even though they are full (and are likely to feel a pang of guilt the following morning).