• Top 25 Economic Incentive Deals of 2015

    Site Selection Group estimates that in 2015 more than $6 billion in economic incentives were offered to attract various projects+

  • Wine, Water and Real Estate Brokers

    How much do labels affect our perception of quality? Apparently very much, as shown in study after study.

  • When Should You Start Thinking About Your Lease?

    Most people only start to think about their real estate situation when they are coming up to the expiration of their lease term. Since many leases are seven years or more in length, people don’t think about their real estate very much. When they finally do, they are sometimes reacting to an emergency situation rather than executing on a well thought out strategy. Even if you are too early to enter the market or execute a new lease transaction, there are things you can be doing with your real estate to better support your business or plan for the future.