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BIG Doesn’t Always Equal BEST

Many times, corporate real estate service providers are declared the “top firms” in their areas based solely on their size – whether it be number of employees/brokers, square footage leased, and/or transaction volume. While we won’t deny that some of these firms offer quality services, at Exis we measure “top” a bit differently – by…

Workplace Of The Future Key To Attracting, Retaining Talent

The war for talent is one of the most pressing concerns for corporations around the world. In order to increase their chances of winning that battle, companies need to offer “best in class” workplace experiences based on the latest technology and services for employees, according to new research from CoreNet Global and ISS World Services….

What Is Employee Engagement and Why Should I Care?

Don’t employees come to work for a paycheck? Don’t they simply do what they’re told and get the job done? Why do I have to worry about how much they like working? A job is a job. Why should we care if employees are “engaged”? Isn’t employee engagement just another business catch phrase in a…

When is a Deal a Deal?

As the office market tightens and landlords’ bargaining leverage increases, tenants need to make sure they understand when they have a deal and when they don’t. When the market was weaker and competition for space was not as great, it was usually safe to assume that when the parties verbally agreed to terms, executed a…

Top 4 Reasons to Use a Tenant Advisor

You have been in a space for a number of years.  You and your employees are happy with the location and could probably make the drive with your eyes closed.  You know your lease expiration is quickly approaching and you plan on extending the lease.  Although resigning the lease may seem like an easy decision;…

Top 25 Economic Incentive Deals of 2015

Site Selection Group estimates that in 2015 more than $6 billion in economic incentives were offered to attract various projects in the United States ranging from office projects, such as headquarters and data centers, to industrial facilities, including manufacturing plants and distribution centers. While economic incentives continue to be scrutinized and heavily debated, they continued…

When Should You Start Thinking About Your Lease?

Most people only start to think about their real estate situation when they are coming up to the expiration of their lease term. Since many leases are seven years or more in length, people don’t think about their real estate very much. When they finally do, they are sometimes reacting to an emergency situation rather than executing on a well thought out strategy. Even if you are too early to enter the market or execute a new lease transaction, there are things you can be doing with your real estate to better support your business or plan for the future.

Potato Chips and Leasing

We’ve all done it. Opened up a bag of potato chips to find a lot of empty air where the afternoon snack should be. In the food industry there’s a name for all that air. It’s called “Slack Fill.” Food producers will tell you that there is a legitimate reason for Slack Fill. They say it is necessary because of today’s high-speed packaging machinery, or to prevent the product from breaking during shipment, or to keep the bag from breaking when trucked through high-altitude areas, or to discourage theft in the stores. Right. We all know why it’s there. It’s to give the illusion of more product.