Matt Chandler

(202) 266 3268

Matt Chandler

Director of Financial Services

Matt is a commercial office leasing professional specializing in finance, analysis, and auditing.

Matt entered the commercial real estate industry in 2010. Since then he has attained his current Director of Financial Services position at The Ezra Company and previously a Director of Lease Audit Services role at West, Lane and Schlager. Matt is focusing on developing and operating an in-house lease audit department as well as maintaining the financial department at Ezra.

Matt honed his finance and lease auditing skills by:

• Working on pro forma analyses, lease audits, purchase analyses, early renegotiation analyses, building valuation analyses and market research.
• Auditing 300+ leases and finding $3,000,000+ in savings.
• Maintaining friendly professional relationships with Clients, Property Managers and Owners.

Matt received a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Towson University. He is a participating member of a CMRC group. He also attended Deloitte’s lease auditing classes and is now pursuing a Master of Corporate Real Estate designation from CoreNet Global.